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  • CDMA 4G LTE Phone
  • CDMA iPhone
  • Blackberry Phone
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Featured Phones

Samsung Galaxy S4
Samsung Galaxy Proclaim
LG Optimus Q

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Featured Plans

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“An entire year of unlimited service can be purchased for just $495 - how ridiculous is that? I have yet to find another cellular provider who provides service for so little.”
Alison • 10/21/13
“The bring your own phone is very nice. I was able to use my old GSM phone without any problems. Transferring my phone numbers to Straight Talk was a breeze. I did everything online. As soon as I hit the NEXT button on their site my number was transferred.”
Brandon • 12/17/13
"They provide a low monthly bill that is free from extra fees and charges. I never have to worry about going over my monthly minutes or texts because they are unlimited."
Vivian • 1/17/14
Making the switch to Straight Talk was one of the best financial decisions I've ever made! I strongly encourage anyone looking to pinch a few more pennies in their budget to consider making the switch to Straight Talk. Just imagine all the things you could do if your monthly cellphone bill was just $30 or $45…
Alison • 10/21/13
"Straight Talk has saved me on average over $600 a year. With that amount of savings I have been able to get a lot of things I needed and wanted. It has even helped me save and get a new phone."
Brandon • 12/17/14
“You also have the option to bring your phone and number, which is awesome. I'm so glad that they come up with a plan and company that works for anyone.”
Vivian • 2/7/14

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Why Straight Talk?


Our Galaxy S3
Their Galaxy S3



Our Monthly Cost
Their Monthly Cost

Four years ago, we changed wireless service forever by introducing a way to get people on America’s best networks without the expense — or the commitment that comes with contracts. Today, our customers are enjoying newfound freedom and wireless savings of up to nearly half the cost†† of their current contract bill. And so can you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is so special about Straight Talk?

Straight Talk is a pay-as-you go prepaid wireless phone service that requires no long term contracts, no credit checks, no activation fees, no monthly bills and no age limits!

Will my Straight Talk phone Roam?

No, your Straight Talk phone won't roam, you will be able to enjoy nationwide coverage on one of America´s best networks, at the same price of a local call!

What type of Service Cards and Plans does Straight Talk offer?

Straight Talk offers a variety of plans depending on your needs. We offer three 30-day Service Plans: the $30 All You Need Plan with 1500 Minutes, 1000 Messages plus 30 MB of data, the $45 Unlimited* Plan with Unlimited Minutes, Unlimited Messages & Unlimited data*, and the $60 Unlimited* International Plan with Unlimited Nationwide Minutes, Unlimited Messages & Unlimited data* plus Unlimited* International calling to over 1,000 destinations and 400 minutes to call cellular phones in Mexico.  We also offer 3 additional Unlimited* Plans which offer unlimited talk, text, and/or multimedia messages and  data during 90, 180 days and 1 year of Service.

Can I make international calls from my Straight Talk phone?

Yes, Straight Talk now offers Unlimited International Calling. For more info, go to or click here.

Can I send international text messages from my Straight Talk phone?

At this time, the Straight Talk Samsung Galaxy Precedent (M828C) and LG Optimus Q (L55C) includes unlimited international text messaging to the available destinations at no additional charge with Unlimited Plans. For international text messaging destinations, select "Features"/"Text Messaging" on the left hand side menu.

How often do I need to add a Straight Talk Service Plan?

You need to refill your Service Plan every 30 days in order to keep your Straight Talk phone active. You can also enroll in Auto-Refill, which will automatically refill your Service Plan when you reach your Service End Date.

How do I find my Phone Number?

Please go to and click on the "Learn More" icon below your phone to access our "Find Phone Number" tutorial in the "Getting Started" section.

Where can I find my phone's Serial Number?

Please go to and click on the "Learn More" icon below your phone to access our "Find Phone Serial Number" tutorial in the "Getting Started" section.

Where can I use my Straight Talk phone?

You will be able to use your Straight Talk phone and our Straight Talk Services solely within our Straight Talk Service Area Map. Please click here to check our Service Area Map.

How do I keep my phone service active?

You can keep your phone active by choosing one of the following three options:

  1. Select Auto-Refill for monthly automatic deductions. Update and manage your information from your Account.
  2. Choose one of our Service Plans: The All You Need for $30 or one of our Unlimited* Service Plans: 1 month for $45, 3 months for $130, 6 months for $255 and 1 year for $495. Straight Talk also offers a 1 month Unlimited* with International calling for $60.
  3. Straight Talk RESERVE: This feature allows you to buy or add more than one card at a time. For the Unlimited* plans, your Service will refill on your Service End Date. For the All You Need plans, you can choose to add the card immediately or default it to your Service End Date. All cards/plans can be managed from My Account. Visit My Account and add a Service Card/Plan if you are running low on minutes, texts or MB. To see how it works, visit

What happens when I refill my Straight Talk Service Plan?

Every refill resets your phone's balance by the amount of the Service Plan. When you refill your phone with an Unlimited Plan, you will receive unlimited talk, text, and/or multimedia messages and Mobile Web Access on data-enabled phones for a 30, 90, 180 days or 1 year service period. When you refill with an All You Need Plan, you will receive 1500 Minutes, 1000 messages, plus 30MB of data for data-enabled phones for a 30 day service period. There is no carryover of unused service.

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